What Exactly is Covered on a Home Policy?

Insurance can be very difficult to understand when it comes time to make a claim. Making the right claim can be difficult if you do not know what your policy covers and what you can claim. For most, it is relatively simple to find out what your home policy covers. For those living in the Aliso Viejo, CA area, the agents with MPX Insurance Services Inc. can help you find the policy that works for you. 

It is best to first go over some of the basics that a home policy covers. All home policies are going to cover damage from fire, storm damage, ice and snow damage, and some water damage as long as it is not associated with a flood. Most home policies will also cover items that are stolen during a break-in as well as any associated damage that is done during the incident. Your home policy may also cover injuries to people that are injured on your property as well as injuries that are caused by your pets. Many home policies also cover damage from things like trees falling on the home, damages from wind storms, and the cost of contents and replacing them. 

An average amount of coverage comes with each policy for the contents of your home but you can add more coverage dependent on what you have in your home. If you have something like a special collection, a large number of electronics, or a home based business, you can also take out extra coverage on your home policy to protect it. You should take the time to inventory what you have so that you can replace it if it is damaged or stolen. For those that live in the Aliso Viejo, CA area, the agents with MPX Insurance Services Inc. can help. 

Road Warriors Getting Hurt, Whose Insurance Pays?

The world of a workers’ compensation crosses paths with multiple areas of life in Aliso Viejo, CA as well as other insurance policies on a regular basis. While some areas follow a specific priority of coverage sequences, like health, for example, you have to make sure workplace injuries are addressed by employers. Other areas of coverage may get a bit muddy. Much of that ambiguity has to do with the injured party and whom they contact first for a claim. If the insurer is not aware of other coverage and doesn’t ask, then other plans may not be put into effect. This can easily happen with auto accidents and road warriors who regularly do heavy travel for work, likes salespeople and field experts, according to MPX Insurance Services Inc.

From a labor requirement perspective in California, employers are required to provide workers compensation for their employees right from the start. That includes people who travel for work instead of being in the office or workplace. To the extent that workers compensation coverage is not enough to address the injury, then the auto insurance could kick in as additional coverage for the same party. Thus the two policies could overlap, but there is definitely a sequence in how they are applied.

Two policies don’t cover the same injured person at the same time, usually. Where things can get messy, however, is when the causal party is not necessarily the work reason for travel but another driver. Then that person’s coverage could be held responsible at the same time an employer’s workers compensation plan is triggered for medical coverage. No surprise, attorneys can end up being the experts that untie this messy knot of affairs.

If you’re an Aliso Viejo, CA driver who travels a lot for work, talk with MPX Insurance Services Inc. to understand your protections with auto insurance and your employer. It’s good knowledge to have before hitting the road.

Who Should Have Umbrella Insurance?

For those that are in the Aliso Viejo, CA area, having proper insurance protection at all times is very important. Also, having a proper level of liability coverage is a necessity. While most people are aware that they need to have a home and auto insurance policy in place at all times, many could also benefit from having umbrella insurance as well. There are several situations in which having umbrella insurance could be a smart option. 

Those With a Higher Risk

There are certain types of jobs that come with a higher risk of being sued for liability. For example, if you work as a reporter, you could easily be sued for libel or slander if you make someone upset. In many situations, this type of liability will not be covered by your base policy on your home or commercial plans. Because of this, acquiring an additional umbrella insurance policy could be a practical necessity as it will provide you with peace of mind and additional protection.

Those With More to Lose

If you are a notable individual with a high income or net worth, you are more at risk of being a target for lawsuit-seekers. Because of this, you need to make sure that you are properly protected. Having more umbrella insurance in place will help to protect you and your assets. 

If you are in the Aliso Viejo, CA area and believe that you should get umbrella insurance, you should speak with MPX Insurance Services Inc. to start the process. When you meet with the team at MPX Insurance Services Inc., you can receive more insight into what your current liability insurance coverage is and what your needs are. From there, you can determine whether or not you should get additional umbrella coverage.

Overgrown Trees, Roots and the Neighbors

For some reason people love palm trees. It doesn’t have to be a desert or the beach; people still want to have palm trees on their California property. Part of the reason is that these plants grow fast, tall, and are iconic for the California look. However, when they are planted between homes, these trees can also create a real headache once the trunk starts to thicken, the rootbal begins searching for water and the branches fall off. Each aspect has been a cause of physical damage to homes in Aliso Viejo, CA and elsewhere in the state, which gets complicated when the damage of one neighbor’s tree affects another neighbor’s property, according to the staff at MPX Insurance Services Inc.

The first step a homeowner should try is to get the owner of the tree to fix the problem. In many cases, as soon as the owner finds out there’s an issue, he or she will move to fix it, wanting to avoid further problems. However, once in a while a homeowner gets stuck with a situation where the other party doesn’t want to cooperate. The homeowner can’t just arbitrarily "fix" the tree himself; many local and state laws make it clear people can’t go cutting and removing trees belonging to someone else, even if they hang over into one’s own property, without permission to do so. Depending on your policy’s terms, it may be possible to have your insurance company to help with repair and recovery via the claim process, as the issue is damage to your home that was not expected. Your provider may then seek recovery against the responsible party, being far more effective via a professional legal team. But there are no promises; it depends on your policy. To know for sure, Aliso Viejo, CA residents can work with MPX Insurance Services Inc. for a clear answer on the matter and how to get a home insurance policy that anticipates these problems ahead of time.