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California umbrella insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in California

Excess liability coverage, also known as Umbrella insurance covers you from liability issues that are past liability limits. It provides protection beyond common home, auto or boat insurance policies. Homeowners in Aliso Viejo CA especially those who have businesses and assets have a reason to smile because they have MPX Insurance Services Inc., which they can locally visit and find a quote.

Many individuals prefer having an umbrella insurance as supplementary coverage. Umbrella insurance covers you and your property and also pays for forensic defense fees. Below are some of the main coverages in umbrella insurance in California.

Bodily injury coverage

The bodily injury liability coverage is brought in only when an insurance liability is exhausted and is found to be inadequate to cover all medical bills when one is injured. It settles for medical expenses on an injured guest, a neighbor’s child who is injured while playing in your compound, or bites from your pet.

Landlord liability coverage

This covers the landlord against illegal lawsuits made by tenants over injuries endured while renting on your property. It can also protect you from a visitor or tenants who injure themselves while walking over a cracked patio or sidewalk and sues you for the injuries.

Property damage liability

This covers for damages made on a property as a result of:

  • Damage to school property caused by your children.
  • Damage caused by kids or pets, for instance, breaking a neighbor’s window.
  • Property and car damages caused by accidents.

Libel or slander liability coverage

Covers you against lawsuits by another party or person over something you said or wrote.


It is quite crucial to know that umbrella insurance is not self-sufficient. The insurance company will need you to reach certain requirements such as home and auto insurance to provide for a certain amount of protection. You will also need to use your original standard auto or home insurance first and if it is not enough to cover all costs, then umbrella insurance comes in.

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