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California renters insurance coverage

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Renters Insurance in California

Residents in the Aliso Viejo, CA area live in one of the most beautiful and desirable neighborhoods in the state of California. Despite the mild temperatures and relaxed lifestyle, however, catastrophic accidents still happen. A renter's insurance policy from MPX Insurance Services Inc is one-way residents can protect themselves and their belongings. What is renter's insurance? What does it cover?

What is Renter's Insurance?

Like home and auto insurance policies, renter's insurance protects subscribers from financial loss. Renter's policies are specifically for those who do not own their residence. While details may vary, most policies have a very limited scope of coverage. This includes loss of property due to:

  • Fire and/or smoke.
  • Theft or vandalism.
  • Wind, hail, lighting, snow, ice, or heat (adverse weather conditions).
  • Explosions (natural and man-made).
  • Electrical issues in the building.
  • Water damage from plumbing, appliance, fire sprinklers, or other accidental discharges.

If you cannot live in your home due to one of these circumstances, your policy will help you pay for temporary lodgings while you wait for restoration work to complete.

Beyond replacing or repairing your personal property, renter's insurance also provides liability coverage. Liability coverage generally includes:

  • Injuries that happen on your property.
  • Damage caused by another property.

What is Covered and What Isn't

According to California state law, all property managers must maintain an active insurance policy on rented-out buildings. These policies cover damage to the grounds and structures, including foundations, outer walls, and utilities. Renter's policies generally cover what's inside your unit. That means the walls, floor coverings, and your personal belongings. Some renters may need additional coverages to fully protect their assets. Some common additional coverages include:

  • High-value items like artwork and collectibles.
  • Earthquake and flood coverage.
  • Protection from sewage or drainage issues.
  • Home business coverage for work-at-home entrepreneurs.

Residents in the Aliso Viejo, CA area rely on MPX Insurance Services Inc for customized and relevant renter's insurance policies. Contact our knowledgeable representatives to explore your coverage options.


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