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California commercial insurance coverage

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Commercial Insurance in California

Aliso Viejo, CA is home to a number of flourishing independent businesses. Entrepreneurs from all industries need commercial insurance to protect their business investments and livelihood. MPX Insurance Services Inc. provides several different types of commercial policies that cover almost any situation.

Commercial Property

Commercial property coverage is divided into two parts. Property insurance protects your buildings and grounds from theft or destruction. Casualty coverage helps pay for damage or injury to visitors on your property. It also pays for legal fees and ordered judgments associated with incidents that happen on your grounds. California state law requires most businesses to carry active commercial property insurance.

Inland Marine

This special coverage protects your business assets while they're on the move. If your goods are lost, damaged, or stolen during transport, this is the coverage that will help you recoup your costs. For storage-related businesses, Inland Marine coverage protects any property on your grounds, whether you own it or not.

Commercial Automobile

Service-based businesses that rely on vehicles need commercial automobile coverage. Like your personal auto policy, this coverage pays for loss, damage, or accidents that involve your business' motorized vehicles. These policies are essential for any business that uses cars or trucks in their daily work.

Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability covers your premises, products, and operations. Any accidents or damage are paid for through these policies. It also protects you from legal actions that stem from the products and services you provide.

Worker's Compensation

Worker's compensation policies pay employees who have been hurt on-the-job. These funds can be used for medical and living expenses while they heal. With a health insurance policy, worker's compensation will cover surgeries, therapies, and medications.

BOP (Business Owner's Policy)

These comprehensive coverages are designed to provide all the protection you need for your business in one package. They can be customized to cover your property, products, employees, visitors, vehicles, and equipment.

Commercial Umbrella

Even the best insurance policy has limits. If a total loss occurs, your primary policies may not provide enough funds to completely rebuild. Commercial umbrella insurance fills in any gaps left by your primary policies to ensure you're always ready to rebuild.

These are just a few of the commercial insurance policies available from MPX Insurance Services Inc. Contact our representatives in the Aliso Viejo, CA area for more information on which policies you need to protect your business.


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